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About our Dog Grooming

During your pets grooming service, safety and trust are our top priorities. We take our time with each and every pet to ensure they feel comfortable and secure. We offer a wide range of grooming services, from haircuts, light trims or just a bath. We always tailor our services to the pet's needs and coat types. We never shave down double or triple coated dogs unless it is medically necessary or the pet is severely matted. We use all natural products for the best care and health of your pet. We also offer hypo allergenic shampoos and mud masks for moisturizing additives. 

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Unique Styling

We offer a full range of pet grooming services to make your pet look their best. From basic baths and haircuts to creative cuts like mohawks, we'll be sure to make your pet look fabulous. We understand that pet grooming isn't just about being stylish, it's also about keeping your pet clean and healthy. Our experienced team of pet stylists will make sure your pet looks and feels their best.


Humanity, Not Vanity!

We understand that brushing your dog can sometimes get away from you. We are here to help with that, and to provide comfort to your pet while still making them look and feel amazing. We also provide tips for you to keep up with in between groomings, so you and your pup can look and feel their best.


Keeping it Real!

We provide top quality products to help your pup shine! They may arrive dark and dingy, but we will make sure they leave Shiny and bright! Our natural products will help to turn dry and rough coats to moisturized and soft! Let us take care of all your pets needs. 

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